Importance of 360 Degree Evaluations and Analyzing the Results Correctly

A 360-degree feedback program is a comprehensive appraisal tool which allows an organization to assess the employees, their supervisor, their colleague, and the managers in regard to their behavior. 360 degree feedback is also known as a multi-source assessment program.

The 360 evaluation is different from the conventional performance evaluation method. It offers a more rounded evaluation of the behavior and performance of the employees. Here is some of the importance of a 360-degree feedback for an organization.

Executive Appraisal

It is usually assumed that the failure and success of a company is an indication of the efficaciousness of the senior executive. Even though this is true to some extent, the organization can achieve a lot if it allows the boss, the employees, and the colleagues to offer a 360 degree feedback without being afraid of reprisal. The feedback offers a room for improvement.

You can transform from a good employee to an excellent employee having a great behavior. An anonymous review proves to be useful when an organization is holding an executive appraisal. This is because people are usually honest while providing the feedback.

360 evaluation

Trust and Relationship

The 360-degree feedback is an appraisal program which is can help in building trust not only among the employees but also among the managers. This helps in creating a good working environment in the company. When the appraisal is complete, the team works together and helps each other to become stronger. This can help them to complete the work in a shorter period of time.  They work honestly to lift up the spirit of each other. The result is that the organization improves and becomes an effective one.

Impact and Perspective

This 360-degree feedback is known to be an all-around assessment program and this is the reason it offers a comprehensive result which comprises of all perspectives. For instance, your supervisor might be assessing on the basis of your output, while your co-workers assess you on the basis of the pleasantness of your behavior. Your junior will assess you in regard to your fairness. Everyone’s perspective is included in the feedback which makes it a conclusive analysis. This is a meaningful appraisal system.

Job Satisfaction

The fact that the employees are also involved in the feedback program makes them feel that they are valuable for the organization. They try to give their honest opinion about the required change in behavior which is necessary for the superior employees in the company. The supervisors read the feedback and make the necessary changes in the work environment. This means that the employees have job satisfaction and tend to remain loyal to the company for a long period of time.

With the help of the 360 evaluation, the managers come to know how they have to capitalize their strength. A successful 360-degree feedback includes different key elements. Firstly, the management needs to accept the fact that 360-degree feedback is good for enhancing the performance of the employees. Secondly, the survey has to reflect the desired competencies and the culture of the organization. Here is another article on conducting 360 evaluation and how to keep your employees attitude in check.